Friday, May 28, 2010

I SPY Bottles

I love making crafts. In children's activities, crafts teach a lot about how things "work" and are a representation of what we learned. With only 2 days left of class for this preschool year, and it was time to do one of my all-time favorite crafts...the one that shows what we learned in preschool this year--the I SPY Bottle. I found little tiny beads and objects for the kids to put in their bottles. We started with the entire alphabet and followed it with things that represented the different themes and activities from our year. I made a little card for each bottle and laminated them. After the kids put the objects in their bottles, I filled it with a cup of poly-beads. The cards were secured around the neck of the bottle as a reminder of what they are looking for. In these particular bottles, there is a total of 52 objects. The kids were so impressed with the itty-bitties that some went into pockets rather than the bottles. I hope I caught most of them....
After they were all assembled, I called out things from the card for the kids to find. It was fun to watch them rolling the bottle in their hands trying to find things. This little recycled water bottle helped capture our year in one cute project. Bonus--it's a great activity for road trips, doctor appointments, and quiet times like church or nap time.

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