Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Grand Finale: Graduation

This school year seemed to come to an end all too quickly. We had our preschool graduation on Friday, June 4th. The final pictures were taken for the books we've been building all year long. The toys were put away, the crayons and markers put back in their bins, and the last of the homework finally sent home. And the teacher cried. It's been such a wonderful year. Every year is wonderful, but the most wonderful is the one you are currently in. And so graduation day brings this preschool year down for the books. Hats and diplomas were given and all the faces were smiling and happy. I think they are ready to take on the world. You can see the progress in each of them as you look back through their work and see how much they have grown in the pictures. Children really are the priceless wonders of our lives.

I've enjoyed the few days off so far...but I have already started making lesson plans for next year. I'm itching to start doing what I love and that is being with the kids and introducing them to all the fun things we learn in preschool. I am get a few of these kiddos from the picture back for next year and I'm thrilled. I'm excited to welcome the incoming group as well. I can't wait to do it all over again!!