Friday, May 28, 2010

I SPY Bottles

I love making crafts. In children's activities, crafts teach a lot about how things "work" and are a representation of what we learned. With only 2 days left of class for this preschool year, and it was time to do one of my all-time favorite crafts...the one that shows what we learned in preschool this year--the I SPY Bottle. I found little tiny beads and objects for the kids to put in their bottles. We started with the entire alphabet and followed it with things that represented the different themes and activities from our year. I made a little card for each bottle and laminated them. After the kids put the objects in their bottles, I filled it with a cup of poly-beads. The cards were secured around the neck of the bottle as a reminder of what they are looking for. In these particular bottles, there is a total of 52 objects. The kids were so impressed with the itty-bitties that some went into pockets rather than the bottles. I hope I caught most of them....
After they were all assembled, I called out things from the card for the kids to find. It was fun to watch them rolling the bottle in their hands trying to find things. This little recycled water bottle helped capture our year in one cute project. Bonus--it's a great activity for road trips, doctor appointments, and quiet times like church or nap time.

Bingo Daubers...are the Best!!

I have a new favorite "tool" at school for the kids to use. I found a great paint marker this year that we have used repeatedly...AKA--paint daubers and bingo markers. I found them first at an education store and paid $15 for a set of 6 in assorted colors. I added a second set of different colors not too long after that. Then last week I was in the dollar store and found the same thing...for $1 a piece!! They only have 4-5 colors to choose from, but what an Awesome I bought several. We use them to play letter assessment games and occasionally use them as a great alternative to water colors/paints in art projects.

For the alphabet game we play, each of the children gets a picture with the letters of the alphabet in circles inside the graphic. I randomly call out letters and the kids use their daubers to fill in the circle. On the day of the pictures here, we were learning about transportation, thus the race cars. Often, the kids want to trade colors during the activity, but I have a few kids that are faithful to one color--whatever the activity.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who can Count? ME!!!

We are working on the numbers pages for our preschool books. Everyone was patient with me because they were working and counting so quietly that I thought I'd take advantage of the moment and snap a few pictures.

As with any of our projects--we move quickly. The attention-span of 3-5 year olds is about...their age. So we are doing a few numbers at a time. For some of the larger numbers, I have stickers ready to go to make it more expedient for them. It's amazing to watch how much they really "get" come to life on paper and with them helping each other. What a bunch of cuties!!


Monday, May 17, 2010

The Cutest OWLS...

The OWLS were a HIT!!

Whoo, Whoo, Whoo are the Owls???

Thursday was a fantastic day--we continued our weekly theme of birds from ducks to owls. We learned that they are raptors and have exceptional eyesight and hearing. The kids made owl puppets before our special guest came to teach us some owl songs and dances. Miss Kristine had the kids hoot and flap their arms to imitate an owl. The kids were almost giddy with the chance to flap in place. After our lesson and crafts, it was time for the cutest snacks to follow our owl theme....OWL cupcakes that Miss Mary (Sam's mom) brought. I LOVE how my best thoughts were somebody else's best thoughts. I was thinking I should call her and give her this cupcake idea I had seen in my internet research, but somehow forgot in the time shuffle. But it was a very exciting morning when those cute little birds showed up with Sam for preschool. Just goes to show you--great minds think alike :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Kids with their Magnificent Mamas...

I can't say enough good things about the kids in my class this year. They are so unique and fun in their own little ways. You can see the best characteristics of their Moms in them...cute as can be, funny, so willing to show love, helpful, kind, a bit quirky at times, and so Fresh--Happy to be themselves.

(Missing: Lilly and Amber)

Mother's Day at Preschool

What a fun day. We hurried to finish our Mother's Day cards and planted the flowers in the pots that they painted the day before. It was time to make the yummy flowers by dipping marshmallows in chocolate. The kids picked colors that we mixed into the white chocolate and then we started dipping. Everyone took turns placing the centers (Skittles) onto each flower. It truly is painful when you are holding a piece of candy in your hand for just a few moments and you're not allowed to eat it. Many a Skittle was consumed in the making of these flowers...a shameful admission, I know. The hovering close to make sure that nary a one was inadvertently misplaced got a little overwhelming at times. So it was time to take a picture. I got a cute shot...with almost everyone and then it was time for the funny shot. It took them by surprise, but they were very willing to help create a memory.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pinata Pictures