Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Pinata Party

What's a festive Mexican celebration without a Pinata? We made our maracas, our "flag bags" to collect our candy in, and learned about some of the foods that you would eat in Mexico--followed by a round of quesadillas for everyone. But the greatest anticipation was the pinata.... I asked everyone when they arrived if they had ever hit a pinata. Only about 3 had, was the conclusion I got. So after explaining that it was full of candy and the game was to see who could hit it hard enough to spill the candy out for everyone--it became the object of obsession at preschool today. After each project, "Is it pinata time?" was interjected by 10 giddy ninos.

Miss Mary, Sam's mom, brought a beautiful Mexican blanket to show the kids and helped string the pinata up. I let the kids have 3 hits at the fancy burro--in alphabetical order. We started with Abby, Brennen, Jessica, Katherine, Lilly, Macy, Mason, Samuel, Sydney, and Zachary. The poor burro was showing some wear by the time Zachary had his turn--but still needed some help. (What was kind of funny was Sam yelling "Smash it's guts out!" and "Break it's legs!!--good thing he's a neighbor and his mom was there, because I didn't have to wonder what the "neighbors" would think when they were hearing those screams coming from our house!)

Katherine's mom, Kristine, arrived just in time to help put the burro out of it's misery. The kids vacuumed the ground all of pieces of candy in under a minute. They loved their "Quattro de Mayo" party. They might be a little confused when they start hearing about Cinco de Mayo. They'll just think Mexicans do nothing but have fiestas and eat quesadillas. Oh well. I did my part to perpetuate the myth...any reason to have a party with the kids.

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