Friday, May 28, 2010

Bingo Daubers...are the Best!!

I have a new favorite "tool" at school for the kids to use. I found a great paint marker this year that we have used repeatedly...AKA--paint daubers and bingo markers. I found them first at an education store and paid $15 for a set of 6 in assorted colors. I added a second set of different colors not too long after that. Then last week I was in the dollar store and found the same thing...for $1 a piece!! They only have 4-5 colors to choose from, but what an Awesome I bought several. We use them to play letter assessment games and occasionally use them as a great alternative to water colors/paints in art projects.

For the alphabet game we play, each of the children gets a picture with the letters of the alphabet in circles inside the graphic. I randomly call out letters and the kids use their daubers to fill in the circle. On the day of the pictures here, we were learning about transportation, thus the race cars. Often, the kids want to trade colors during the activity, but I have a few kids that are faithful to one color--whatever the activity.

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