Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sorting through the Alphabet...

We spent a week on each letter of the alphabet up until the end of April, when we finished letter Z. We had a weekly routine at the beginning of class where we would practice writing the letter and making the full-size letter for our books. Since we are done, we are spending the rest of the month reviewing each letter. Today I dumped a bucket of letters on the table and the kiddos were supposed to fill their trays with one of each letter (in alphabetical order, of course). After a minute, you could hear the frustration of a few that didn't immediately find an A in the pile. But several were pleased with themselves once they started finding the letters. To make things a little more exciting, I gave each of the kids the coolest preschool "tools" I found the other day--jumbo TWEEZERS. Each of the kids got to pick the letters up with a pair of tweezers. We switched from letters to "frijoles"--beans to introduce our Mexican holiday--"Quattro de Mayo".

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