Monday, May 17, 2010

Whoo, Whoo, Whoo are the Owls???

Thursday was a fantastic day--we continued our weekly theme of birds from ducks to owls. We learned that they are raptors and have exceptional eyesight and hearing. The kids made owl puppets before our special guest came to teach us some owl songs and dances. Miss Kristine had the kids hoot and flap their arms to imitate an owl. The kids were almost giddy with the chance to flap in place. After our lesson and crafts, it was time for the cutest snacks to follow our owl theme....OWL cupcakes that Miss Mary (Sam's mom) brought. I LOVE how my best thoughts were somebody else's best thoughts. I was thinking I should call her and give her this cupcake idea I had seen in my internet research, but somehow forgot in the time shuffle. But it was a very exciting morning when those cute little birds showed up with Sam for preschool. Just goes to show you--great minds think alike :)

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