Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2010-2011 School Calendar

I know that it's the middle of summer still, but I'm already looking forward to September and the beginning of our next preschool year! There are 3 options for classes: a Tuesday/Thursday curriculum from 9-11:30am for $55; a 3 Day option of Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 9-11:30am for $75; and also a Wednesday only (music/motion focus-day) for $30.

Sunshine Preschool 2010-2011 Calendar Themes

Sept 9 (TH)--First day of class--- Getting to Know You
Sept 10 (F) note date change Manners

Sept 14 (T)---All about Me Letter A
Sept 15 (W)--Families--Music and Motion day
Sept 16 (Th)--Houses (The 3 Little Pigs)

Sept 21 (T)--Five Senses Letter B
Sept 22 (W)--Five Senses--Music and Motion day
Sept 23 (Th)--Introducing Community Helpers Doctors/Nurses

Sept 28 (T)--Stranger Danger--Police Officer visit Letter C
Sept 29 (W)--Little Red Riding Hood--Music and Motion day
Sept 30 (Th)--Field Trip to the Fire Station

Oct 5 (T)--Boats/Exploration Letter D
Oct 6 (W)--Exploration--Music and Motion day
Oct 7 (Th)--Christopher Columbus

Oct 11 (M)--Johnny Appleseed Letter E (note change of day)
Oct 13 (W)--Apples---Music and Motion day
Oct 14 (Th)--Fall/Leaves

Oct 19 (T)--Pumpkins Letter F
Oct 20 (W)--Fall/Pumpkins--Music and Motion day
Oct 21 (Th)--Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Oct 26 (T)--Spiders Letter G
Oct 27 (W)--Halloween--Music and Motion day
Oct 29 (Th)--Halloween Party (Costumes)

Nov 1 (M)--Harvest/Scarecrows Letter H (note change of day)
Nov 2 (T)--Scarecrows--Music and Motion day
Nov 3 (W)--Friendship/Indians


Nov 16 (T)--Pilgrims/Plymouth Rock Letter I
Nov 17 (W)--Gratitude--Music and Motion day
Nov 18 (Th)--Turkeys/Cornucopias

Nov 23 (T)--Thanksgiving Feast/Luncheon
Thanksgiving Break

Nov 30 (T)--Santa's Beard Advent Calendar Letter J
Dec 1 (W)---Christmas Songs--Music and Motion day
Dec 2 (Th)--Field Trip to the Creche Exhibit

Dec 7 (T)--Christmas Trees/Legends Letter K
Dec 8 (W)--Christmas--Music and Motion day
Dec 9 (Th)--Gingerbread Houses

Dec 14 (T)--Memories/Traditions Letter L
Dec 15 (W)--Music and Motion day
Dec 16 (Th)--Christmas Party/Program

Winter Break--12/20-1/2/2011

I will post the rest of the year's schedule when school starts and will hand-out a calendar for each family to hang on the fridge with important information like when is "Show and Tell" and the "Snack Helper" is each day.