Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day at Preschool

What a fun day. We hurried to finish our Mother's Day cards and planted the flowers in the pots that they painted the day before. It was time to make the yummy flowers by dipping marshmallows in chocolate. The kids picked colors that we mixed into the white chocolate and then we started dipping. Everyone took turns placing the centers (Skittles) onto each flower. It truly is painful when you are holding a piece of candy in your hand for just a few moments and you're not allowed to eat it. Many a Skittle was consumed in the making of these flowers...a shameful admission, I know. The hovering close to make sure that nary a one was inadvertently misplaced got a little overwhelming at times. So it was time to take a picture. I got a cute shot...with almost everyone and then it was time for the funny shot. It took them by surprise, but they were very willing to help create a memory.

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