Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lincoln--Beards and Pennies

February is a very predictable month for school kids. We go right from Valentine's Day into President's Day with our focus and activities. One of the cute things that we did this year is make a "beard" like Abraham Lincoln's. It was a little tricky to attach to the kidlets--but they enjoyed learning about what a great man and president he was.

For some, the beards did not go over very well. But the penny game was a lot of fun. Everyone got a bowl full of pennies, (good thing they are so cheap, huh?) to put on the penny counting sheet. I had the kids practice counting with the coins and listening for the number called to sort and count what they needed.

The dollar stores had large penny replications in the past couple of years in the party favor section. I stocked up on those and we did crayon rubbings with them. We placed the large penny under the paper and rubbed with a crayon. We were able to see the huge picture of Lincoln's profile.

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