Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Thankful Turkeys

I don't know about you, but a week without preschool felt like a month! I don't understand how that happens, but we got into the swing of things quick because in just another week we are celebrating another wonderful event--Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is the conclusion of all the fun autumn activities we've been doing in October and November.

We started our gratitude project by making "Thankful Turkeys"--a simple flower pot that is decorated with colorful feathers, cute faces and a reminder that we need "feed" our turkey by using kind words and remembering to say "Thank You" or expressing gratitude for things in our lives.
We are "feeding" the turkeys little beans. I know that this is a favorite project for the kids because they are becoming aware of their conversations with others and remembering to be thoughtful with their compliments. I've heard from many parents that the kids are remembering to feed their turkeys--A Lot of beans....isn't that wonderful?
We started Letter J this week by decorating the J with jewel stickers and practicing how to write it. It looks like an upside candy cane or a line with a "swoop" sure pick up on the visual descriptions at this age!

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