Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ghosts or Goats?

Our letter of the week is letter G. It works rather well this time of the year with Halloween and ghosts just around the corner. I found a cute game on one of the preschool sites that I like really well that was a game getting the children to differentiate in the sounds that letter G makes. All the pictures were put onto ghosts and they were placed in the Haunted House if they started with letter G.
Each of the kids took turns turning the ghosts over to see what was on their tummies. They had to say the object and then sound it out to see if it has the "ga" or "ja" sound that letter G makes. If it did, it went to the big house. If it didn't, it was put on the side of the house.
Here are some of the ghosts that didn't make the cut for the big house :) The kids did a great job in sound recognition in the letters even though we though letter G is only the 7th letter we have worked on this year.

Today we practiced writing our names on the dry erase boards. I got these little boards in a 2-pack at Target at the beginning of the school year for a buck. As a teacher with a lot of learning supplies, these were like manna in the dollar bins because they are so wonderful. All the kids are able to practice and re practice writing the letters of their names on the lined board. They could choose different colors of dry erase pens and wipe it off and start over if they wanted to.

One of the perks of these little boards is the elimination of paper waste. I picked up a variety of colors in the pens and so they were able to mix and match colors. These little guys are so quick in what they learn, but do have short attention spans. After two erases, I said lets do it again. NO!! Monster trucks and Legos were calling them from afar. But it was such an easy practice session in learning to write their names.

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