Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Row, Row, Row Your Boat.......

Row, row, row your boat...but there are no Michael's in this group of sailors. We had no problems curbing our maritime enthusiasm today.

For our smaller class today, we made boats. We are between the Pirate day and the Explorers/Columbus Day--what better lesson than a simple, age-old example of water transportation. I held the boys' rapt attention as they decorated their boats. Although I was surprised at the tender side to include hearts on the bows and honor of mothers and sisters (tender, tender :) But I have to say, if we had named our boats, they would have been "Momma 1", "For Mom", "Leah's Boat", and "Momma 2". [These are Mama's boys, if you caught a certain theme in who they were dedicated to].

Blow, Blow, Blow your boat, gently down the stream.....

But the hearts were long forgotten when it was time for the sailing. It was all about making wind and moving the boats in the water by blowing air through a straw. They must have an innate sense of competition because they were racing and keeping tabs on who was the fasted without any suggestion of that from me. But after the races, the boys weren't done with the water. We had some bubble blowing fun.

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