Thursday, October 21, 2010

Walter's Fruit Ranch--Field Trip

Sunshine Preschool goes to Walter's Fruit Ranch--October 21, 2010.

It started out as a very foggy morning in Spokane for our field trip to the pumpkin patch at Walter's Fruit Ranch in Greenbluff. But it turned into a perfect morning for our adventures through the orchard and pumpkin patch. The sun was very bright and getting the kids to stare into blinding light for photo ops was our only challenge--but so worth it, in the end, don't you think? :)

Pumpkins!! All the kids got to choose their very own sugar pie pumpkin to take home as a token of their adventures at Walter's Fruit Ranch. Picking just the right pumpkin required a lot of searching. Each little one found the one that was just right for them! What fun memories they'll have.
(The tractor ride)

Farmer Danny took us on a tractor ride through the apple trees. He showed us the most popular apples in the world--the Red Delicious (also known as King Red) and the Golden Delicious. We learned how the blossoms were pollinated by bees and flying bugs and how the apples grow. He explained how the trees go dormant in the winter (tap a nap) and how they wake up in the spring. He showed us the best way to pick an apple from the branch and let us get our very own apples. They were delicious.
(Trevor and his mom)
(Trianna and her mom)

(Abby and her brother, Josh)

(Ben and his sister, Leah)


Ever just want to sing--"Oh, what a beautiful morning--oh, what a beautiful day!" This was a great learning experience out of the classroom. All the kids were so well-behaved and attentive. We were able to see and hear about so many different aspects of farming and harvesting. After we tried apple butter and some juicy apples peeled by a special tool, we also toured the Cider House and learned about how they press ("smash and squish" in preschool vernacular) the apples to make the yummy juice. There are so many different ways that we can consume an apple--juice, cider, sauce, butter, sliced, whole, and on, and on, and on. There are tons of different kinds of apples with their own unique crispness and flavors. Apples are a super food. They are not only delicious and sweet, but a great food that helps keep us energetic and healthy!!

(Ben's family)

And much to my delight, the kids already knew the answer to what was "inside" the apple, from our story the other day--a star! And just like Johnny Appleseed explained best--you can count apples, but you can't count the number of apples in an apple! Just one seed as the potential to produce thousands of more apples if planted, fertilized, and nurtured properly. Our kids are like the apples--so much potential and wonder in something so small! What a great reminder and a wonderful day!!

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