Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cool Tools--Tweezers!!

I'm always looking for activities that are fun but also develop skills. I came across something last year that spurred a thought...tweezers. I saw a post that showed older kids working on fine motor skills by using magnifying glasses and tweezers. I thought that might be a little too complicated at this age, but each of those items, individually, would be a lot of fun.

Not too long after that, I was at Learning Is Fun, a home school/teacher supply store, here in Spokane, and came across a bucket of giant tweezers--12 count. What a fabulous little "tool" for eager learners. Preschoolers are constantly growing into new abilities and skills through their playing and activities. What I thought would be a lot of fun without them realizing that they were honing eye-hand coordination, was be to use the tweezers to sort and pick little objects up.
And what better little objects than a bucket of colorful pom poms. I dumped hundreds of poms across the table and gave everyone a pair of tweezers. It was the most productive "clean-up" session I've had in a long time.
Everyone was very excited to put the pom poms back into the containers and didn't leave a single one out!

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