Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Mitten

I love this storybook, The Mitten, illustrated by Jan Brett. It's a Ukrainian folklore story that tells how Nicky's grandma makes him a pair of mittens. He insists that he wants white mittens, but grandma explains that he wouldn't be able to find them in the white snow, if he lost them. He insists and she makes them from white wool. And then he does the predictable...he loses one. Some animals in the woods find it and one by one, they crawl inside of it to get warm. It's a very cute story about acceptance and obedience.

I found some print-outs at that complimented my activity for the kids. I made a mitten from a Manila folder, by hot gluing the sides together to create a pocket for the paper animals to go in. To extend the activity a little longer, I had the kids color their mittens and cut the animals out. We talked about the different animals and explained what they are.

One of the animals that we talked about that caused a lot of interest in the preschoolers, was the Hedgehog. So we made one.

What's a hedgehog, you ask?

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