Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr....Human Rights Day

Monday was the national observance of Human Rights Day. This is a relatively "young" holiday; dedicated to the efforts of those like Martin Luther King, who acted as a catalyst in ensuring that all Americans have equal rights and privileges. I think it is a significant day to pay tribute to, but has deeper meaning than most preschoolers are able to understand. So we talked about the things that they could understand.

People come in all different colors...just like cereal. One color isn't better than the other and they are all important. Martin Luther King had a dream that his children would be judged for the content of their character (if they were nice and honest people), and not by the color of their skin. He was a great man and had dreams that changed the nation we live in. We all have dreams.

And so the kids drew pictures of some of their favorite dreams. At three, four, and five years old--they are simple and very basic. But one does not always see the great Oak in the little acorn. These kids will amaze us one day and it may start with a dream they had, just like Martin Luther King's did.

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