Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

December is always a crazy busy month for preschool. It's a week shorter because of the holiday break, and yet there are twice as many projects to do. But we packed in as many as we could with the snowy weather and flu bugs flying our way. One of my most favorite activities to do with my preschoolers this time of year, is to have a day that is dedicated to Gingerbread stories and decorating houses. It's is So MuCh FuN!!
Some of our little builders were quite extravagant and all inclusive with the building materials, while others were a bit more selective and exclusive. There were lots of colors and shapes to choose from and each house was a unique masterpiece.
I got the best tip a couple of years ago about making gingerbread houses a complete success with preschoolers....after most of the rooves collapsed...and that was a glue gun. Hot glue is the most valuable tool in a crafter's arsenal. It greatly improved the snowy roof lines and colorful decor for us. I've gotten wiser to how these little people work over the years. The mouth is their most used sensory tool. Somehow--everything goes there at some point during a project. So each of the kids got their own pot of frosting and knife to work with. And even with all the coaching about not sampling the goods until the houses were done...well. It tasted too good.

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