Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hearing......One of the Five Senses

For Music and Motion on Wednesday, we focused on hearing and listening music. On Tuesday, I introduced our week long theme of the Five Senses--sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing. We focused mostly on the tactile side of our senses by building a sensory book of Textures and tasting some delicious treats.

For our focus on Hearing, we played a listening game. I picked this activity book up a few years ago at Costco and it has been a wonderful addition to my curriculum because it has four different listening games included with the game cards and CDs. I gave each of the children 15 foam place markers and they had to cover the picture of the animal as they heard it from the CD. "Old McDonald" was introducing each of the animals on his farm in random order.

The anticipation built as they figured out it was a race to find the picture before the new sound came. What I saw soon became some sharp-listening little boys who did not like to be left in the dust by their buddies. It's amazing how sharp they all are!!

Most of the parents are from my you will understand when I say "Snap, Krackle, Pop" what I'm talking about. But I asked these little guys what that meant...and they didn't come up with Rice Krispies. So for our snack today, I poured each of them a bowl of cereal and they were not a bit impressed with the selection. Then I gave them a glass of milk and told them that there was magic in the cereal, but they would only hear the magic after they poured the milk on. you can tell by the pictures, eating a plain bowl of Rice Krispies became an absolute delight after all!

Our ears are amazing and Hearing is a true blessing! Preschoolers know how important their ears are and can tell you some of the great things that they learned and heard at preschool today!

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