Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is there a Doctor in the House?

On Thursday we continued with our theme of the Five Senses by introducing a special person that helps us keep our senses and bodies strong and healthy...the family doctor. In past preschool classes, this has been a very popular day. I wanted to make sure that the "Doctor's Bag" hand-out lasted past class time, so I made the bags out of felt this year. I'm very pleased with the results because nothing ripped or fell out (through) before preschool was over. I know that the kids will get a lot of use and imaginary play out of these bags at home too. Their attention was pretty rapt when we talked about all the things that go inside a doctor's bag. Each of them received an assortment of band-aids, bandages, tongue depressors, cotton balls, q-tips, safety masks, doctor's note papers, and a special prescription bottle that they could only consume on Doctor's orders! (Parents...we talked about never taking pills that weren't ours or without help from Mom or Dad. I included the bottles filled with M&Ms as a part of the bag with a little trepidation. So I hope you know that it wasn't without thought or concern for their safety and we discussed it during class. But please follow up at home with the safety aspects of prescription drugs...Thanks).

Dr Blina Dr Courtney

Dr Sini / Dr Lilly

Dr Trianna / Dr Abby

Dr Ethan / Dr Alayna

Dr Ben

Dr Zachary / Dr Trevor
(absent: Ava and Cody)

As I handed the medical supplies out and discussed with them the ways they are used, I issued them ID tags, with their names on them. Such as "Dr _______, Sunshine Preschool Hospital". I laminated them and hung them from a plastic string so they could wear them. I know that each of them loved seeing their own faces from their tags. It made it easier for me too--I knew exactly who didn't have theirs without having to go through their bags :)

The bag was a fabulous catalyst to a lesson about our bodies and keeping them healthy. We started our day out by putting together a puzzle of a skeleton and talked about how the bones have to go in order for them to work properly. We can feel our bones, but we can't see them. And just because we can't see them, doesn't mean that they aren't really important. What a fabulous day learning about how wonderful our bodies are and how each of our senses makes us appreciate our world around us.

**I took really cute pictures of each of the kids laying down beside the skeleton to see themselves in proportion to the puzzle. Because there are so many pictures, I'm not going to post them here...but look for them in your child's book they are building throughout the year.

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