Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today was the first day of our weekly ALL ABOUT ME theme. The class was humming with energy and we did lots of different things, but here are some of the highlights. We started our year-long Alphabet Book project and introduced letter A. We put apple stickers on the big A to remind us of the sound that letter A makes. We traced letter A, picked it out of a line-up and colored our apples all sorts of colors. Abby the Alligator made her rounds during circle time.
I got the kids attention by telling them I had a box with something very special and important inside of it. I had each of the children look inside and see the special "something" but they couldn't say what it was until everyone had their turn. What they saw when they looked inside the box was themselves in a mirror. I gave them each a little mirror to remind themselves that they are special and there is NO ONE just like them!
We shared another cute story today that's called I Like MYSELF! by Karen Beaumont. I loved it and the kids seem to enjoy all the different possibilities they could have and still be an awesome "Me"; like purple polka-dot lips and horns from their ears. But the morale of the story was that no matter what, I like ME!
After snack time today, we did a quick project that we will keep and use throughout the year. We made place mats with the kids' pictures on them. They decorated the paper with stickers and I added the "I am Special" at the bottom as a reminder to them that they truly are amazing. I will laminate these at the end of the week for continual use without having them get ruined.
We start our lessons on families next time, so remember to send in a family picture, if you haven't done so already. We are going to be making family trees and talking about our homes.

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