Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can you make a Rabbit?

I love Tan grams. There's just something about an activity that is cut and dry as to what to do. Yep. No arguing over if a square doesn't fit in the triangle box. It seems pretty basic to grown-ups, but the kids love the challenge of finding the pieces that fit and are delighted with the creation it makes.

We are working on letter R this week. It worked out great that I found a "rabbit" Tan gram to assemble for our gathering activity.
The age range in our Wednesday class is 3-5 years old. I wouldn't expect that Cooper (3yrs old) would be as precise in this results as Zachary (5 yrs old). But it was successful for both age ranges. Did I say that I love Tan grams? It's successful for everyone and reiterates some great fine motor skills.

We did some fun Groundhog's activities yesterday with the bigger group of kids, but I couldn't resist throwing one more cute craft in for good measure. We read the story of The Groundhog's Secret about a little groundhog named Lila who wanted to wake up first so that she could discover what the secret of winter was.

The great secret was that she saw her shadow and only had to go back into her cave for six more weeks. The boys made a cute groundhog puppet to celebrate the coming of Spring in a few short weeks.

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