Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taking care of our Teeth.......

Today we learned about taking care of our teeth. These kids already know so much about how to take care of themselves. But it's always fun to give them "big picture" demonstration of what they are doing. We used a white paper cup with notches in it to show how we floss. Each of the kids go one of those hand-held flossers and had to show where to cut in and wipe the tooth clean.

After flossing, came the toothbrushes. The brushes I got came with little protective covers. Those must not have been interesting enough, because I found several of them under the table the next day. All the little charmers showed me how they make circles on their teeth to clean them.

Being the the cup was our "pretend" tooth--it had to be cleaned as well. Everyone promised not to let the sugar bugs live on their teeth and make holes!

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