Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Wheels on the Bus......

I juggled a couple of days around and started the Transportation unit with the Wednesday class talking about vehicles with Buses! I saw the cutest idea where they used a yellow folder as the bus that incorporated the song The Wheels on the Bus. I just happened to have several of those fabulous folders ready to use and decided the boys would have a great time. And they did!

The boys had a lot of fun making their people for the ride on the bus. I just cut out skin-toned circles and had them color faces on them. I hot-glued the circle to a Popsicle stick and slit lines in the folder beneath the windows so that they could to the "people on the bus go up and down" by using the stick to create the motions. We added wipers and wheels that turned (courtesy of brads). We were humming the song the whole time. One of the boys told me that we needed the bus driver to complete the project and the part of the song that goes: "move on back, move on back." He obviously has a great need to "detail" in his bus line.
Inside the yellow folder, I assembled the booklet that I found at one of my favorite preschool links and copied one for each boy.

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