Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sorting Hearts

Today we had a fun sorting activity using little heart erasers. Each of the kids was given a handful of hearts and they had to count them into their trays.

In case you noticed, girls have pink trays and boys have blue trays--as requested ;)

I called out numbers and they placed them in their trays. The tray only had 10 slots, so I didn't call any numbers past 10, but they were pretty quick about getting the correct number of hearts into the tray.

This was a great activity until we had a "heart attack"!! A couple of rapid counters started targeting diligent workers with hearts.
All I can say--it was great while it lasted :) But it was a great leeway into our story today.
After the number calling was over and everyone had a chance to make some patterns with their hearts, we read a cute story called The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond (same author who wrote the If you Give a Mouse a Cookie....books).

It helped introduce the idea of making special notes and Valentine's for those people we care about and associate with. The little girl was so thoughtful and used all of her special hearts. So watch for some special love notes from your little one in the next few days.

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