Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chocolate Fun

One, Two, Three....Four boys on Valentine's Day. What to do, what to do. I did what any sane preschool teacher would do. I melted a pound of chocolate and let them go at it with pretzels, marshmallows, strawberries, and fondue centers.

Rule #1: No double dipping. That includes food, fingers, and finite objects. As I was showing them how to use the skewer to dip the goodies with--you'd have thought they had all done this many times. Excitement for a project tends to create "know-it-alls"--no exceptions here.

I was actually surprised how well the strawberries looked after they were twisted, twirled, and turned in the chocolate. Each boy talked about how much their moms were going to love these treats. I had a little feeling that some of the moms wouldn't see the red side of the strawberry though.

It was a task well done. The results were delicious and looked appetizing as well. They quickly found out that anything to the mouth meant it couldn't go on the pan to dry. But I ask you: How do you break a marshmallow?
Rule #2: Broken pretzels must be dipped in chocolate and eaten.
Rule #3: One strawberry for the tummy and three to take home. (It was a bargain for the work and the pretzels).

The concentration was palpable today. I'm sure that this could be categorized into "eye-hand coordination", gross motor activity, counting, know, the typical preschool curriculum stuff. But today was just about fun and feeling the LoVe!! It was a fantastic way to celebrate our Valentine's Day together.

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