Monday, April 19, 2010

A Bunch of Cute Little Indians--November 19, 2009


The preschoolers had a blast getting
ready for their Thanksgiving feast. Each of them decorated a vest and made the famous feather cap to wear. We learned how the Indians had helped the Puritans during the first winter in the new land and taught them how to plant corn, squash and beans. We made place mats by stamping our hands in hands paint and creating "turkeys". They we made necklaces from beads to wear, symbolizing the trinkets and gifts that the Puritans gave them for their life-saving help. Each person was given 5 kernels of corn (candy corn) to symbolize the scarcity of food that was available that first winter and how corn was rationed to 5 kernels a day that first winter. For the feast, our moms and dads came dressed in black (like the Puritans) and were given the white collars to wear. We enjoyed a feast and made a basket that explained the significance of our Thanksgiving traditions. We talked about Gratitude for our country, our ancestors, and our families. It's amazing how much the children really understand and appreciate about our cultural traditions.

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