Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cut and Paste...

We do all sorts of remedial activities during class. For some of the kids, scissors were a new tool that somehow, wasn't forbidden, at preschool. During this exercise, we matched the fruit up in pairs. Coloring, cutting and pasting was a three-step process that taught sequential learning and completion. They all did so well and worked independently (for the most part). Occasionally, my perfectionists required my help to cut things out for them, but they are rapidly progressing to the point where they want to do it themselves. Pride has been introduced...yeah. Some of that pride is instinctive and comes with the unique personality--and sometimes it is cultivated by peer influence. I really enjoy hearing the older children (all of a few months....) encouraging others with phrases like: "You can do it...look at what I did" or "Do you need help?" (to which the answer is usually No...) The kids are really enjoying all variety in activities and are learning patience with each other. That makes it so much easier to me, and enjoyable too.

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