Thursday, April 22, 2010

Preschoolers Vs The Volcano....

Ok. So the title was a spoof of the early 90's movie Joe Vs the Volcano with Tom Hanks. I've done volcanoes with past preschool classes and I've always had the preschoolers make their own and then we take them out and disintergrate them. It can get pretty messy and then there's the trash to deal I had this novel idea of having the kids share in making one big volcano this year. It was a great idea until one of my girlie's from last year expressed her displeausure in not having her very own...(Disclaimor for next year: I like the one volcano method and we shouldn't have any problems or false memories in next year's group since there was only one this year ;) But anywhoo--the team effort to deck out the mountain worked like a charm. Parsley became our trees, a few rocks, twigs, weeds, and a few plastic dinosaurs and wala....a Volcano.

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