Thursday, April 22, 2010

We're Hoppin' at Preschool--March 25, 2010

With Easter being right after Spring break this year, we had to do all of our preschool easter activities the last week of March. It seemed a little premature immediately following St. Patrick's Day, but the kids flowed with the schedule. We are getting to the last 4 alphabet letters and I think the kids sense that we are on the home stretch already. We talked abou the newness of Spring and how Easter was a special time, a time of rebirth and new life. Baby chicks, bunnies, lambs...what cuter babies to make a spring craft project around. We made darling easter baskets from milk jugs. The anticipation was pretty high this day because we got to go on an easter egg hunt for our snacks. I had prepared an egg for each child to find and then Zach and Rachel's mom put the snack for the day in easter eggs and so everyone had to find 4 specific eggs (different sizes). It was so much fun to see them searching for specific sizes and actually leaving eggs for others to find. Children this age are usually pretty greedy with the goodies, but everyone found their eggs (thank goodness).

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