Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Cutest Easter Bunnies.....

Sydney LOVED her bunny! Samuel couldn't wait to take it home.

Jessica wanted her bunny to match her dress (go figure)....

Macy said that real bunnies were white...but she did choose a blue nose :)

Zachary's bunny was bold and tough--big nose and tail. Such a boy!

Mason loves yellow and insisted that was going to be his bunny as well.
Abby loves green, as you may notice. Very cute.
Orange is bright and happy for Rachel.
Blue is the color of choice in most projects for Zachary.
We talked about bunnies in class, can you tell? The kids were pretty impressed that you could make a bunny from a washcloth. I had an assortment of colors and they were pretty definite on what color they wanted before we started. They had to choose pom poms for their noses and tails too. It's amazing how much effort can go into the little details of things. Sometimes they are so decided, then they see how cute somebody's else project turns out--and then they fill choices. But nevertheless--every"bunny" is unique and beautiful!

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