Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cat Tales....Field trip--April 16, 2010

Our spring field trip this year was to the local feline zoo--Cat Tales, located right here in Spokane. Ok. So the cats were a little sleepy and non-performing, but would they really be open to the public if they were hissing and clawing the fences to catch the on-lookers? I do admit--that would be kind of cool. We got quite an eyeful of the lion sleeping upside down, so many kudos to the parents that were able to explain that away without missing a I've said before--this age range has quite an eye for detail ;)

Our tour guide instructed the children that they weren't to run during their visit because the cats might think they were food. It was a nice crowd-controlling talk until we saw the signs--they were serious. But like I said before, the cats were a little sleepy, so when we did get a runner, it didn't seem to phase them. They must be used to 30" fur-less creatures smelling of dairy and wheat.

We were told at the beginning to have the kids not sit on the statues throughout the park. But I'm still scratching my head why they have so many along the way that are all small enough for a toddler to mount without help...Obviously not planned by a mother with children that like to climb. So we sneaked a few "rides" in on the cute roosters and plastic lions while we waited for Mr Tiger to bear his claws and teeth.

Definitely not Chuck E Cheese--but it was cute to hear their reactions and give them a chance to follow directions. It also gave the kids a great reference point when we got to our lesson on Lions and Tigers.

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  1. What! No picture of the Barbary Lion mooning the crowd? So, glad our first experience at Cat Tales was with your group. My Kat loved the cats.