Saturday, April 17, 2010

Field trip to the Fire Station--October 2, 2009

Field trips are the best. Every child looks forward to hands-on experiences with their favorite things. Somehow, real fire trucks are just amazing and awesome up close and personal. In our Community helpers unit, we discussed all the people in our communities that help keep up safe and protect us from harm, when need be. Fire fighters are among some of the noblest because they go into harm's way every day to rescue and help others. We toured the firehouse that serves as a training station in Spokane. The weather was a little grizzly outside, but very sunny inside. After the kids tried on the fire fighter's gear, toured the station, and sat in the truck--something happened that we could not have planned better. The alarms started ringing and our tour guides ran away!! Just as the tour was ending, the same trucks the kids sat in hurried away from the station on a call. The kids got to see the firefighters in action!!

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