Thursday, April 22, 2010

St Patrick's Day.....A little Blarney at the end of the Rainbow

Saint Patrick's Day...The Irish holiday that American's celebrate so much better than the Irish! (Sidenote: when I was a missionary in Ireland, I was amazed that it was the silly Americans that came over and dyed the River Liffey GREEN and partied down the streets--and the Irish just sat back and watched it as spectators for a day...laughing to themselves the whole time).

Anywhoo---at preschool we were learning about the colors of the rainbow and catching wee leprechauns that hide their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. We made cute rainbows following patterns in Fruit Loops. No one got bored with this project and kept justifying eating the broken cereal. The kids had a great time and we found treats the leprechaun left for us when we came back to school on March 18th!

Zach and Rachel's mom brought the cutest snack...a giant sugar cookie topped with fruit in the colors of the rainbow. We all LOVED it.

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