Thursday, April 22, 2010

Going on a Egg Hunt....Dinosaur Eggs, that is-- April 15, 2010

We became Paleontologists for the day. Our assignment was to find the baby dinosaur eggs. We had our official name tags and tools (something like a paint brush). Miss Jolinda said there had been a few found in the empty lot across the street. Oh the excitement...I quickly explained that dinosaur eggs look a little like giraffe eggs (hahaha--teachers can get away with that kind of stuff because the students are so trusting and don't know any better ;)

So off we went looking for the fabulous dinosaur eggs. (Thanks to Miss Mary, Samuel's mom, who hid them for us). Everyone found their eggs and their unique dinosaur inside. The weather was perfect and ultra sunny. The funniest thing happened though. We had learned about fossils and how they were imprints in the rocks. There is this huge cement waste pile of sidewalk/driveway, etc. One of the pieces laying on top had a boot footprint in it. The kids were so observant and got really excited because they were convinced that they had found a fossil--yeah, really. One of a work boot of some unknown construction worker. The attention for detail in these little ones is AMAZ-ing.

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